Sunday, 25 May 2014

A New Apartment

We got our transfer calls on Saturday evening, May 17th!  (Every 6 weeks, which is a transfer, we get a call telling us if we are getting moved around in the mission or if any changes will be made.) So what is happening to me? I will write it down in a minute! 
 On Thursday we did some service as a district at a woman's house! She is originally from Italy and she still has an accent! (A district is made up of a few companionships of missionaries.) We did some yard work and we pruned a lot of trees! I loved it and it was a perfect temperature. I am glad I didn't get sunburnt!

All my cds for on my mission

On our way home on our bikes on Friday, hehe, Elder Ah Mu ran into a bush because he was going too fast! I made sure he was okay and he was... I couldn't stop laughing for ages! hahaha.

 However, his bike is now out of order since his back wheel is bent so much that the brake stops it from moving much. He won't need his bike anytime soon though as he is being transferred to the Oakland 10th Ward, Cambodian Speaking.

So what is happening to me? I am staying in San Ramon! However, since changes are being made to the districts and areas round about we are moving out of our apartments into an other one. We will also have a car now along with our bikes! 
Packed up and ready to move
I am the designated driver and I am also the senior companion. (The senior companion takes lead, which I have had good practice with hehe). I am also getting a new companion, his name is Elder Rowley! All of these changes are taking place this Tuesday, May 20th. 

Elder Close the Door

Some of our investigators came to church this week! I always look forward to church as that is where I can feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. This feeling brings such great peace and comfort. I wish everyone would come and feel the same way, and that is part of the reason why I am out here, to share this Gospel with as many people as will listen.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! 

- Elder Daniel Kloosterboer