Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A New Tyre (Tire for the people in the US....)

This is my blog. Don't look at the spelling ;-) (although it should be ok as my mum has checked through it...)
This has been a good week. A week ago, some members took us to Costco so that we could buy cheaper food. At the check out they also bought us this huge pizza and like a dozen croissants! They were super good and I ate every single one of them, since my companion didn't like them. We also had the opportunity to teach a small FHE lesson to the Blotters. We ate so much ice cream and oreo cake at the end! I want to see how much weight I have gained! Though I am pretty sure it is all burned off through biking.
On Wednesday we started our very first scripture study class! It was fun and we were able to teach a lesson since only 2 people showed up and they were investigators :-) This week, mutual is on at the same time though so hopefully parents will stay and join us.
On Saturday (mum wonders if that should be Sunday...) we were asked to substitute for primary in sharing time! We were asked to teach the primary (ages 3-11) about repentance. We taught them the ABCD's. A:Acknowelge, B:be Sorry, C: Confess, and D:don't do it again. It was interesting as this was my first time in primary in a lot of years! I forgot that not many children pay attention. It was funny though because I asked the older children what they thought missionaries did and they started telling us that we ride bikes and come to their house for dinner to eat tacos! haha. :-)
As you can see on the pictures, my hands got a bit dirty. This week after we got home I told my companion, Elder Brown, that I was excited to put on my new tyre and that I wanted to do it on P-day. He suggested that I could put it on then since we were waiting for dinner to be delivered. So I went to work. Everything was going well until I noticed that the inner tube was way too thick! After a few hours, we tried to put the other tyre back on only to see that somehow it was now leaking! Man! So we went to the store and bought a few new inner tubes and were then able to successfully change my back tyre. It was well worth it as I could feel a massive increase in speed!
We are still trying to talk to 20 people a day and I find it fun. We are having way longer conversations with people and are starting to see some of the same people. On Saturday we were heading home after walking on the Iron Horse Trail for 2 hours when we saw a man and so we walked and talked with him for about 30 minutes! After we got back I saw that my face was a bit red and so I do have a tiny sun burn now! We were able to talk to 20 people that day and I felt great that we were able to reach our goal. We talked to a total of 61 people this week! 
Being a missionary is interesting! You feel like you accomplish so much in a day! I am not sure if I mentioned this before but our ward mission leader came up with a plan to get more refferals. This plan is for us to get addresses for every neighbour of a member's home. After we get addresses, the ward mission leader then reverse looks them up and gives us the names of the people who live there. After we have done that, we have gone to the member's home and asked them what we should know about their neighbours since we will visit them. So the last couple of weeks we have been doing that and yesterday as we were contacting one of these fake referrals we nearly got someone to accept us to come back! When he accepted our invitation to learn more I felt super excited! But then he said no :-( Well we bore testimony and then left.
I am excited for this week as we have a whole day zone conference on Wednesday where three zones meet.
Everything is going well and I am learning a lot of new things. This gospel is true.
Love, Elder Kloosterboer